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4. Have you received any specialized training regarding safety in caring for or assisting in the care of COVID-19 patients and in cleaning their hospital rooms?Deselect Answer
5. If you did receive any specialized COVID-19 training, do you feel it was sufficiently thorough?Deselect Answer
6. As more information about COVID-19 becomes available are you and your colleagues provided updated training?Deselect Answer
7. If you did receive any specialized COVID-19 training, in your own words please describe what the training included, how long the training class was, and if you were able to ask questions.
8. Have you received personal protective equipment (PPE) when you requested it?Deselect Answer
9. If you or your co-workers had difficulty getting any of the following PPE please check all those listed below that apply:
10. If you answered the previous question by clicking "Other" please describe in your own words what type of equipment you had difficulty in receiving.
11. Please read the following list of statements closely and check all of the responses below that you share:
12. Please click the answer below which most represents your personal level of feeling of being safe, supported and prepared during the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic.Deselect Answer
13. Choose each of the answers below which best represent your observations about staffing levels at your facility should there be a SURGE in COVID-19 patients (as is the prediction of state and federal health care agencies):
14. Choose each of the answers below which best represents you observations as to CURRENT staffing levels at your facility:
15. In your own words, please provide any other, or more specific, concerns and opinions you have regarding the readiness and protection of health care workers.
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18. SPECIAL NOTE: No matter whether you sign-up for emails, answers to the survey above will not be used in any way that would identify the respondent - answers will be calculated and developed into percentage representations as a group.

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