Click here for a copy of the DRAFT version of changes to the Administrative Code for Hospital Licensing and Regulation.

Background Note: During the 2020 Regular 30-day Session of the New Mexico Legislature the effort to pass HB 68 – The Patient Safe Staffing Act was thwarted by the fact the Governor never responded to requests to place the bill on “her call” of important matters to address during the session.

We understand that the Governor has a lot on her reform plate – She inherited scores of problems from years of inaction from previous administrations.

We have a plan though – We have asked the Governor to create by Executive Order a Task Force to review and develop new regulations to be adopted after public hearings for hospital staffing.

The Patient Safe Staffing Coalition has developed a draft version of regulation amendments which incorporate most everything contained in the Patient Safe Staffing Act.

Click here for the draft of NMAC changes – proposed changes are in red ink.

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