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Buttonhole – to detain in conversation as if by holding on to the outer garments of …


Summer is winding down.


Kids will be in school soon.


Labor Day is just around the corner.


And the Politicians will be filling the airwaves, packing your mailbox and spamming your email with “their messages.”


So we thought it would be a good time to start asking the people running for office to actually vote for legislation to provide better and safe staffing for New Mexico hospital patients.


For the past seven years, many state representatives and senators have provided a lot of lip service, but no real action when it came to passing a law for better staffing at New Mexico hospitals.


But we are going to hold those elected to the next session accountable by ‘buttonholing’ them this fall and getting them on record to actually vote for the bills we get filed in January 2019.


Beginning August 15, 2018, this page will have links to candidate contact information and more information about the proposals for safe patient staffing.