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Ways To Help The Patient Safe Staffing Coalition

The first way to participate would be to become a member of the Patient Safe Staffing Coalition.

This entails only stating you would like to be a member, and we would send you business cards with your name, email address – if you wanted this included, and your phone number – if you wanted this included.

The amount of your participation is up to you.  Ways you can participate include:  

Share your own story of how unsafe staffing affected patients, patient outcomes, families, nurses, hospital workers, etc.;

Enlist other RNs to become members;

Enlist other RNs to support this legislation;

Email your legislators to support this bill;

Enlist other RNs to email their legislators to support this bill;

Attend legislative committee hearings during the 2019 legislative session;

Talk with legislators at the Roundhouse and provide them with materials regarding the bill;

Read statements of endorsement from supporters who cannot attend committee hearing/meetings;         

Any other ways that you would like to be involved. 



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