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Nurse Staffing and Hospital Characteristics Predictive of Time to Diagnostic Evaluation for Patients in the Emergency Department. – Discussion: Efforts to improve patient flow often focus on process interventions such as improved utilization of observation beds or transfers of patients to inpatient units. In this study, time to diagnostic evaluation significantly increased when emergency nurses care for higher numbers of patients. The findings present new evidence identifying the relationship of specific nurse to patient ratios to wait time in emergency departments.



An observational study of nurse staffing ratios and hospital readmission among children admitted for common conditions. – Discussion: Children with common conditions treated in hospitals in which nurses care for fewer patients each are significantly less likely to experience readmission between 15 and 30 days after discharge. Lower patient-to-nurse ratios hold promise for preventing unnecessary hospital readmissions for children through more effective predischarge monitoring of patient conditions, improved discharge preparation and enhanced quality improvement success.  



Patient satisfaction with hospital care and nurses in England: an observational study. [Linda H Aiken, Douglas M Sloane, Jane Ball, Luk Bruyneel, Anne Marie Rafferty, Peter Griffiths.] – Conclusions Patients’ perceptions of hospital care are strongly associated with missed nursing care, which in turn is related to poor professional nurse (RN) staffing and poor hospital work environments. Improving RN staffing in NHS hospitals holds promise for enhancing patient satisfaction. 



Beyond the Pain Scale: Provider Communication and Staffing Predictive of Patients’ Satisfaction with Pain Control — Judith Shindul-Rothschild, PhD, MSN, RN, Jane Flanagan, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, Kelly D. Stamp, PhD, ANP-C, RN, FAHA, and Catherine Y. Read, PhD, RN. This paper examined hospital characteristics, staffing, and nursing care factors associated with patient perception of poor pain control by conducting a secondary analysis of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers Systems (HCAHPS) survey in California, Massachusetts, and New York hospitals. 


DPE FACT SHEET: SAFE-STAFFING RATIOS: BENEFITING NURSE AND PATIENTS – Produced by the Department for Professional Employees, AFL- CIO. This fact sheet outlines: the workplace and patient treatment improvements associated with safe-staffing ratios, the dangers of understaffing for nurses and patients, the high costs of  frequent nurse turnover in hospitals, the potential benefits of safe staffing for addressing nurse retention, the savings associated with safe-staffing ratios, and the growing popularity of safes taffing legislation.