The Patient Safe Staffing coalition wants to hear from you.

Nurses, nursing assistants, doctors, housekeepers and other health care front-line employees caring for COVID-19 patients are scared and angry about the lack of enough protective gear they need to be safe at work.

No matter where you turn there is a story in the news about health care workers facing shortages of the basic protective equipment needed to safely care for patients who have contracted COVID-19.

The Patient Safe Staffing Coalition as created a short survey for New Mexico health care workers at hospitals and other venues who care for and support the people testing positive for Coronavirus disease COVID-19.

It is important to let healthcare policy makers in governement know what their workers at hospitals and nursing homes are experiencing first-hand.

Click the button below for a link to a survey that will take only a few minutes to fill out.

IMPORTANT COVID – 19 Survey for Hospital Workers. How Safe Do You Feel at Work?