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A New and Improved Patient Safe Staffing Bill Has Been Filed in The New Mexico Senate


Late on Wednesday, February 21, 2019, Senator Linda Lopez (D-Albuquerque) filed another version of the Patient Safe Staffing Act.


Click here for a link to the new bill.


The new bill is like the House Bill, but with more guarantees that a hospital would be required to implement the staffing plans developed by nurses on the staffing committees at hospitals.


The bill also provides for the selection of members of the nurse staffing committees who are direct care nurses, and would comprise 60% of the membership of the staffing committees, to be done by the employee organization representing nurses at hospitals where there is an employee representative organization, and where there is not the hospital would be required to allow for the election of those direct care members of the staffing committees by direct care nurses and NOT by management.


Records of the staffing plan development would be required to be kept for a minimum of ten years, therefore allowing for better accountability and for research on how staffing plans are developed and evolve.


More to come on this bill.


It is expected to be heard in the Senate soon, by both the Senate Public Affairs Committee (SPAC), and if moved from that committee it would proceed to the Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC).


We will keep you posted. Please call your Senator, Representative, AND The Governor and tell them you want SB 670, the Patient Safe Staffing Act of 2019 passed into law before March 16, 2019.


Here is a link to find out who your State Senator and State Representative are, along with phone numbers and email addresses:  


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Also, here is the phone number and email address to contact New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham:  


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