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The Coalition for the Patient Safe Staffing Act – 2019


Join The Patient Safe Staffing Coaltion

The Coalition for the Patient Safe Staffing Act is a way to increase visibility of this important issue to our state legislators and others.  Being a member means that you support patient safe staffing and this legislation. 


The first way to participate would be to become a member of the Patient Safe Staffing Coalition.


This entails only stating you would like to be a member, and we would send you business cards with your name, email address – if you wanted this included, and your phone number – if you wanted this included.


The amount of your participation is up to you.  Ways you can participate include:  


Share your own story of how unsafe staffing affected patients, patient outcomes, families, nurses, hospital workers, etc.;

Enlist other RNs to become members;

Enlist other RNs to support this legislation;

Email your legislators to support this bill;

Enlist other RNs to email their legislators to support this bill;

Attend legislative committee hearings during the 2019 legislative session;

Talk with legislators at the Roundhouse and provide them with materials regarding the bill;

Read statements of endorsement from supporters who cannot attend committee hearing/meetings;         

Any other ways that you would like to be involved.


This coalition is about nurses supporting patient safe staffing and getting the bill passed into law. 


If you have any questions, feel free to email them to:


We will respond as soon as possible.  We look forward to hearing from you.



Diane Spencer, RN

Sharon Argenbright, MSN, RN

Cleo Fowler, BA, RN

The New Mexico Patient Safe Staffing Coalition


New Mexico Nurses Have Worked With Top Researchers on Patient Safe Staffing


Since 2012, nurses have been at the forefront in the battle for creating safe and better staffing at New Mexico’s hospitals. They have also enlisted the support of some of the most knowledgeable researchers and experts in the United States. 


One of those experts, Jack Needleman, Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health / Department of Health Policy and Management, testified along with Diane Spencer, RN, at a 2015 interim legislative hearing of the Health and Human Services committee. 

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